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Alyssa Rose Photography Good morning loves! sooo, creeping in my inbox lately have been a ton of questions in regards to wedding receptions….so in no particular order here are some of my receptions do’s & dont’s: 1) Do as much planning the months prior to the big day. I know this one sounds like a no brainer but your mind would be blown if I told you how many brides leave a lot of shit to the last minute. For example, do Not and I mean do NOT look for a photographer 1 month prior to your wedding. This is a true story yo. 2) Ain’t nobody got time to wait on you haha j/k I know its your big day and a few things can get a little lost in translation but try and refrain from showing up 3 hours late to your own reception. Make sure your ceremony starts on time and that the photographer doesn’t take longer than the cocktail hour to complete your photos. Your reception doors should open up between forty-five minutes and an hour after your cocktail hour begins. If the guests are left waiting much longer than that, they will get restless. 3. Don’t be an entertainment whore and plan too many events during the reception. Most wedding receptions have traditional events that must take place, the entrance, first dance, parent dance, toasts, cake cutting, bouquet and and exit. So it’s not wise to add too many other events that will interrupt dance time. The people want to get their boogie on yo. 4. Make some wickedy wicked music selections and give that information to your band or DJ, but don’t try and program the entire event. A professional entertainer will be able to read the crowd and adjust the music to keep people dancing. If you tie their hands with too many song requests, the energy of the evening may suffer. 5. Light that room up! If you want a great dance party, make sure the lights are dim. Your guests will be more likely to get up and move if the lights are down. Remember, if you are having a videographer, make sure to discuss the lighting with him. If it is too dark in the room, the video quality may suffer. 6. Give those feet a rest would ya! Make sure your feet are comfortable. Every bride wants to have stunning shoes on the wedding day. Usually the most stunning shoes have a three inch heal and straps or a skinny toe. They look great for the ceremony and beautiful in photographs, but they don’t do well on the dance floor. Make sure to bring some flat shoes, sneakers or flip flops to give your feet a break. 7. Do NOT and I mean do NOT act like a baller if you are not a legit baller. Don’t overspend. Nothing is more stressful than watching your beautiful wedding day unfold knowing that you are in debt because of it. Plan carefully and spend wisely, you will be able to enjoy your wedding and honeymoon in peace. 8. Eat, Drink and be Merry! Your guests will take their cues from you. If you are eating, dancing and enjoying yourselves, your guests will too. When I see a packed dance floor, typically the bride and groom are right in the center of the crowd. Now go get this party started!!! Photography: Alyssa Rose Photography

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  1. One day when I am lucky enough to get engaged you can bet your behind I will be contacting you!

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