Tips & Goals | January Edition |
Happy Friday friends! So, the first week of January has passed by and I’m not even going to try and front like it has been this amazing fresh start with no glitches…and I’m kind of happy it’s been a bit of a little mess. I wanted to start this year off right and one of my goals was to try and get back to the gym. Did that happen? NOPE. Not even a little bit. Now normally, this would make me feel like a massive failure but it didn’t. Instead of getting really negative and complaining that I can’t fit into my clothes I thought of what I could do naturally to help me get back in the groove of living a healthier lifestyle. I made a list. You might laugh at it but I’m telling you babes…baby steps is how you get your groove back. Here’s what I’ve been doing:

1. Drinking that H2O: the more water I drink the better I feel. The less I’m tempted to eat junk and my skin even looks better. But the best part about that delicious, clear beverage…It’s free!

2. Taking the stairs: who would have thought I could be working my way to that Kardashian bootie by doing this on the daily?

3. Cooking more at home: This one has been such a success. My juju and I not only get to have some quality time together but were also saving a ton by not eating out so much. Also, we are making it rain with some serious Air miles points.

4. Working out at home: I’m going to keep it real with you guys. A part of the reason I dread going to the gym is because I get really uncomfortable working out and sweating like a mofo in front of those babes who still look hot while they get their work out on. My new secret weapon…workout videos! Who would have thought a little workout video (which is also free courtesy of that amazing YouTube) could get your heart going and the best part…you don’t even have to leave home. I’m going to continue doing these little steps in January and see how I hold up.

If you babes have any more tips on fitness, good food, good books, basically anything awesome…feel free to send it way. I am open to pretty much anything =) and let me know how you guys have been holding up with your new years goals and resolutions. If you’ve had a bit of a rocky start just keep going! dust that shit off your shoulders and get back on it. Don’t get caught up in being negative and feeling like you’ve failed. We are all in this together friends!!

ps: I got some exciting news about the Birds & Honey headquarters that I’ll be sharing next so look out for that. Also, I haven’t bothered cleaning it for a couple weeks and it still makes me happy so don’t be so hard on yourself if cleaning is no longer a priority. Happy weekend babes. xoxo moni

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  1. Drink warm water with lemon first thing in the morning Hun. You’ll notice such a difference.

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