Tips & Goals | February Edition |
February 1st you guys!! It feels so strange saying that out loud. I honestly feel like it was just yesterday we were about to get our drank on with some eggnog and all that jolly stuff but I digress…I’m actually welcoming February with some love. Usually i’m not ready to ring in the new month and say bye to the last because I always feel like I fail with my goals but this month is different. Something happened to me in January you guys. I had this sudden urge to purge negativity out and in doing so, I gained some much needed strength to get on with it and get things done. I started making myself a priority and not feeling sorry about it anymore. Isn’t strange that we always feel so guilty anytime we do something nice for ourselves? We are constantly worrying about our friends and families that we lose sight of whats really important. US! You! Me! Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you need to act like a “self entitled you know what” but you need to start pampering yourself with some sleep, good food, lots of water, fresh air, maybe a nice new hair cut and a massage if you can squeeze that in. These are such little things that can do wonders for you. I’m serious you guys. Don’t give me any of that “but there’s no time” bullshit. You have to make time for you. No one else is going to do it for you and worry for you. So, here’s where i’m at right now:

1. I started forcing myself to get to bed half an hour earlier every night. I used to go to bed anywhere between 1:00-3:00AM. YUP. and then getting up at 6:30AM feeling like an absolute slob. I was once of those fools who would stare at my phone checking emails and social media and all the other things that could wait till the next day. But, I was torturing myself slowly but surely until I started to get sick. I was sick of feeling like such a mess and always so tired. So now, I am in bed at 10:00PM latest and that phone and computer are off! You need to give your eyes a break from that big bad electronic light at least 3 hours prior to sleep. Trust me! Whatever it is…It can wait till tomorrow!

2. I have gone from drinking a pop a day to maybe having one once a week. I ultimately want to make pop a once a month thing…but I ain’t superman you guys. Moni still needs a taste once in a while :p

3. I’m still slacking a bit with the fitness aspect of things but I am hoping to change that with the help of yoga. I’m still a tad uncomfortable going to the gym and being around a lot of people so I plan on tackling the basics in the comfort of my own living room thanks to my homie Youtube!!!

Going into March, I am really hoping to up the momentum for my fitness. If any one has any ideas how to slowly get into the swift of things I would love to hear! Ohhhh and if you babes have any awesome recommendations for some new books let me hear those too!!! Hope you babes are ready for the new month. February, lets do this! xoxo moni

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  1. Hey moni! I don’t know much about the workout stuff but for books…. Check out Stumbling On Happiness by Daniel Gilbert.

  2. Proud of you, girl!

    I LOVE pop and I’m totally trying to wean myself from drinking it, too! I find it so difficult! haha

    Book recommendation: The Girl on the Train :) xo

  3. Hey moni! Honestly, I think the best thing would be to ease into working out. Just start going on walks. Or doing cardio for 30 min a few times a week so you don’t find your body getting too sore. And for books check out The Pearl that Broke Its Shell. Absolutely amazing read. Good luck moni!

  4. Happy February gf!! I think you’ll love Outliers. One of those don’t judge a book by it’s cover type books. One of my favs.

  5. Hey Mona, good for you for making these healthy changes! One piece of fitness advice is to make a deal with yourself that when you come home from work, change into your workout clothes. That’s it. You don’t have to promise to actually work out, just put the clothes on. More times than not, you’ll feel motivated to take the next step and exercise. Secondly, remember that small changes do a world of good. No need to go crazy, even just walking for a half hour a day is awesome.

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