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Wedding Dress 101

Sep 19 , 2012

Ahhh the joys of finding your dream wedding dress!!! It is truly a remarkable feeling when you know that you have found the “one” But…don’t get it twisted. Sometimes you have to go through hell before you find that special dress. So I just want every bride to be to follow this simple check list, because trust me, it will help you!!

1) Do your darn research before even stepping foot in a bridal salon. Bring a few pictures of gowns that you think will look good on you but also be open to trying something you normally wouldn’t. This way you can decide what style suits you best: traditional ball gown, straight empire, mermaid, trumpet style, etc.

2) PLAN. PLAN. PLAN. Dolls you have to give yourself at least 6-12 months to order a designer bridal gown. Please do not think your poor bridal consultant can snap her fingers and get it for you in 2 weeks!

3) Do not go over your budget!!! please understand why you choose your budget and stick to it. A lot of women forget how much alterations, veils & accessories can cost.

4) For the love of all that is sweet, please, I beg of you, do not bring 20 people to your appointment. Bring one or two friends or family, like your mom, a close friend, etc. Make sure you bring people that you can trust and who will help you select the perfect dress for YOU- not them!

5) Don’t be a HATER – try to keep an open mind and listen to your consultant, and be open to trying some of her suggestions. Gowns can be so darn deceiving and look exquisite on the mannequin but look another way on you. If possible, try on as many styles as you can.

6) Please wear appropriate undergarments , since you will be undressing in front of someone you never met before. Also, try and bring a strapless bra. Nothing is worse than trying on a gorgeous, strapless gown with hideous straps showing.

7) Stay TRUE to you. Only you and you alone will know when it is the “one”. If you have to be reassured that the gown looks amazing on you, it’s probably not the “one”.

You said yes! Now what?

Sep 14 , 2012

gorgeous photo via style me pretty

Congrats gorgeous! You’re engaged. This is such an exciting time for you! You are about to marry the love of your life…now what? Take a big, deep breath and follow the Birds & Honey to do list:

1) Phone, tweet, email, facebook & skype your friends & family. Spread the great news

2) Now that you’ve got your gorgeous ring you must must must get a gorgeous new manicure to go with it

3) Since he liked it and put a ring on it, it isn’t a bad idea to get the goods appraised & insured

4) SET A DATE!!! Even if you know it’s going to be a year or two down the road, it isn’t a bad idea to set a month just to get you and your boo on a roll

5) Before you even attempt to book a venue and search for your dress, start working on your guest list. Most venues want to know how many people you’re inviting so they can match you with the perfect space. A lot of packages are also price based on guest minimums.

6) SET A BUDGET and stick it with it. It’s so easy to get lost in a world of beautiful, “style me pretty” type weddings but take a minute and ask yourself, do you really want to be paying for your wedding after the big day? I don’t think so :) It might even be a good idea to invest in a wedding planner so that they can help you stay on track!

7) VENUES VENUES VENUES. Figuring out where you want to get married can be a tough task. You and your fiancé might even have to visit a ton of venues before finding the perfect space. This is another aspect of planning that a wedding planner can do wonders for you!

8) Relax and do your best to avoid unnecessary stress. Decide if you really think you can plan an entire wedding on your own or if you’re the type of bride who’d rather not stress over all of the details, a wedding planner will help all of this!