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Vendor Love – The path less traveled

Nov 16 , 2012

One of my go to people for anything pretty and cute is the always adorable Elizabeth Smillie of The path less traveled! She is one seriously talented mama who makes the most beautiful products on Etsy. I recently had the pleasure to chat with her and wanted all of you to get to know her as well. Enjoy!!!

Q. How did you come up with the name the path less traveled?
A. The name “the Path Less Traveled” comes from the Robert Frost poem (of course), which I have always loved. Years ago I started a personal blog with that title to journal a bit and share whatever struck me at the moment. The idea of being on the “path less traveled” seems like such a perfect metaphor to me of walking with God – as Christians we are truly walking the less traveled way – especially the last line “And that has made the difference”. Because, really, that is the only difference between my life and that of any other creative woman in the world. So when I needed a shop name, my husband said “well, why not just use your blog name? It would fit pretty well!” And it has!

Q. Tell us about the path less traveled and what you offer?
A. The shop’s tag line is ” a little shop filled with unique party and wedding decorations, custom keepsakes and a few sweet vintage pieces” – and that pretty much sums it up!
I’ve got a variety (that is always increasing!) of party/wedding decorations, from cupcake toppers to garlands to statement pieces. I also make silhouettes and offer some of my vintage finds. I also do quite a few custom orders, and seldom turn down a request, so if you don’t see something you’re looking for, feel free to ask!

Q. Where does this sweet business reside and do you ship world wide?
A. Indianapolis, Indiana and yes, I ship anywhere!

Q. What sets you apart from other designers?
A. I make sure that I love each item in my shop – when you scroll though it, you really get a sense of “me” and what I enjoy – so, while I I offer things that are in line with current trends, I make sure that they are also all in line with the timeless look that I love.
And I really do care about my customers. : ) I hope it comes across in each interaction!

Q. What do you heart most about the design process?
A. That there is no limit to what you can do (other than yourself)!

Q. What are some new and exciting stationary trends you’re seeing for weddings?
A. I love how some brides are using organic and natural elements, such as actual trees, in their decor. That couples are embracing more “rustic” cakes (there’s still a ton of fondant, but the casual, home-made look is making an appearance!). Brides are loving lace! And color … oooo, almost wish I could re-do my own wedding!

Q. Do you have any tips for our love birds when considering wedding stationary and decor?
A. After getting all of your ideas, filling your Pinterest boards and thumbing through magazines and catalogs, take a step back and let all the ideas steep. Think about what you really love and then toss the rest (even if you always thought you’d like to have a long train on your dress, that might not be “you” anymore). You will never regret going with what you really love and getting the best version of it that you can! Oh, and do your absolute best not to go into debt for your wedding (not very romantic I know, but really, one of my top tips!)

If you would like to see more of The path less traveled check her out on the following links!

Facebook page
Etsy Shop

Vendor Love – Alixann Loosle Photography

Oct 26 , 2012

Alixann Loosle is pretty much perfection! She is a master of capturing all things beautiful. Her photographs are so gorgeous that you could pretty much hang anyone of them up on your wall and call it art…yes my loves..she is that good. I recently had the pleasure of getting to know her and I am so so sooooooo excited to get to work with her in the new year! Until then, check out this recent Q & A I did with Alixann!

Q: What inspired you to be a photographer?
A: My dad was actually a photographer for years. I started assisting him when I was 12, and instantly fell in love. After he retired a few years back, I decided to take after him and start my own business! We still can sit around and talk photography for hours.

Q: What is your photography style?
A: I would say my style is modern-vintage. I like things to be very clean.. clean backdrops, props, poses, and colors. I am incredibly picky and strongly opinionated! I want everything to be perfect, and I think my clients hire me for that reason. I love to keep things modern, but also add a vintage twist with my colors and props.

Q: What is your favorite thing about being a photographer?
A: I get to use my creativity. I have ALWAYS had an obsession with beauty and with using my creative mind. When I was younger, I would draw and paint for hours and hours. I loved to dress up in unique clothing and show off my style in any way I could. I don’t know what I would do if my job didn’t allow me to release all of that creative energy!

Q: What inspires you on a regular basis?
A: Oh my goodness.. EVERYTHING! Music, art, ideas, movies.. I love to see anything new. I love to hear new ideas and concepts about ANYTHING. I love to dream.. it’s funny because if I’m ever having a difficult time thinking of concepts for a shoot, I will lie down and take a nap. When I dream, my mind fills with pictures and emotions that I can’t see and feel when I’m awake. I usually wake up with a new idea and new sense of being, that I can transfer to my photos.

Q: What has been your proudest moment as a photographer?
A: Having my photos published in print. I don’t think there is anything better than buying a magazine with your photo on the cover.

Q: You shoot so many gorgeous weddings…what is your favorite part about photographing a wedding?
A: My favorite part is being with the couple on the happiest day of their lives. I love to see people in love. I love to see how happy their family and friends are.. I am so lucky to be around people on this day.

Q: How do you make the couple feel at east on their special day?
A: I always try to act very calm and relaxed. When the photographer is uptight and stressed, it makes everyone else feel the same way. I like to act like any mis-haps or issues aren’t a big deal. The most important thing is just to enjoy the day. I like to separate the bride and groom from their family and friends for a while, and just let them hang out and chat as I take pictures of them.

Q: Any advice for couples who are searching for their dream photographer?
A: Yes. Go with the photographer that fits your style! Photography (in my opinion) is one of the most important part of a wedding day! You will always have these photos to look back on and show your family members and friends. Don’t hold back on getting the photographer of your choice, and that fits your style the best. It may be an investment, but it’s worth it.

Q: Do you have any advice you can give to other photographers who are starting out?
A: Yes. Things are always hard at first! No one’s style will be perfect, but if you keep working and focusing, you will get to where you want to be. It’s a long and hard road, but if you give every shoot your full commitment, you will get there!

To see more of Alixann’s gorgeous work be sure to check out her beautiful blog!

All gorgeous photos courtesy of Alixann Loosle

Vendor Love – Connie Cupcake

Sep 11 , 2012

I recently had the honor of interviewing the amazingly talented Connie Cupcake. I have been obsessed with her gorgeous creations from the moment I saw her spread on style me pretty!

Q. Tell us a little bit about fabulous self and how you got Connie Cupcake started?
A. I’ve been a Producer in the television industry for about 13 years. When I was planning my own wedding I decided I would just make cupcakes! Bad idea, as I was anything but a domestic goddess. But every week I would make cupcakes and bring them to the office asking my coworkers to vote on their favorites. After months of slaving in the kitchen I had perfected my Connie Cupcakes just in time for our wedding! I was thrilled to become a MRS. but I missed the sparkles, the icing and the squeals of delight I’d get when I’d share. So I simply kept going! I created a website and Facebook page and the orders started to flow.

Q. Your cakes and cupcakes are all things gorgeous & pretty. What inspires you to come up with these beautiful designs?
A. I get my inspiration from fashion(shoes and jewelry gets me super excited), nature (I’m obsessed with flowers) and even interior design.

Q. What advice would you give to bakers and cake decorators who are just starting out?
A. You know, I’m pretty new myself! But I would say that you need to pay less attention to what others in the industry are doing and concentrate on your own distinct style. That’s what sets you apart. And of course… details matter!

Q. What new wedding cake trend would you like to see more brides doing?
A. It’s no secret that I’m a fan of tablescapes! Even if you’re not opting for a sweet table and want to stick with the traditional wedding cake, you can still tablescape! Position your cake in front of a gilded mirror or under a glass canopy topped with candles. Think about the table it will sit on and rent something fabulous if the venue can’t supply one. I believe that your cake should be a star… and part of the décor budget should always be set-aside for it. [insert shameless self-promotion here: Connie Cupcake does Tablescapes!

Q. What process do you take brides through to create their perfect wedding cake?
A. In this digital age, it’s really easy to get on the same page as my brides. There are so many online resources like Pinterest where brides can assemble inspiration boards. When a bride presents her desires visually, I get a concrete idea of who she is and what will thrill her! Once she’s shared her inspiration, I like to meet in person and chat about the entire event and the venue… that’s another obvious clue to figure out what I need to achieve. Colors, invitations and even her wedding dress can inspire a swoon-worthy cake!

Q. What is the most important thing for a couple to consider when choosing their wedding cake?
A. Style. The wedding cake is in your photos forever! Make sure you have WOW FACTOR!

Q. What are the most popular fillings or cake flavors you’re seeing?
A. I’m a believer in tradition when it comes to cake. It’s hard to please a crowd of 250 with a new edgy flavor. I’d rather push the boundaries with fillings and icing. I love, love, love decadent dark cherry fillings, rich custards or a fluffy chocolate mousse.

Q. How has cake-making changed through the years?
A. I’m glad to see Canadian Cake Designers returning to the true “beauty of cake”. Cake is returning in a fresh, romantic way that’s more reminiscent of a Parisian pastry than the complicated novelty cakes of the past. I’m also glad to see cake designers resist using real flowers, real jewelry or real ribbon and opt for edible representations instead.

Q. What’s your favorite type of cake to eat?
A. Any.

Q. What is the most memorable cake you’ve ever created?
A. I haven’t made it yet. One of my best friends is getting married next year and I’m making her the prettiest, girliest cake in all the land! :)

Q. Do you travel outside of Toronto?
A. I will travel, (love to travel!) of course – the travel is factored into the overall cost.

If you would like to get in touch with the gorgeous Connie here is her contact info:

Website –
Email –
Facebook –

All photos via Geminie Photography

Vendor Love – Posh Veils

Jul 20 , 2012

Sharon Chironda is the gorgeous genius behind Posh Veils. Her work is truly stunning and is sooooooooooooooooooo fashion forward!!! I almost wish I could re create my wedding just so I could wear her gorgeous works of art :) She loves pairing the new with the old and you can feel that through her work. If you would like to purchase her stunning pieces you can do so through her website Posh Veils or through her adorable Etsy shop. Either way you need to have some posh in your life!

Vendor Love – Anita Gill Makeup Artistry

May 25 , 2012

Makeup Makeup Makeup. Anita gill is truly an artist at making women feel and look absolutely gorgeous. I had the luxury of using her for my own wedding and ladies, I can assure you that she will provide a wonderful experience throughout the entire planning process. I honestly cannot say enough good things about Anita and her work, hopefully this Q & A will give you a little insight into her world.

Q. What should brides look for when choosing a makeup artist?
A. It is important to find a makeup artist who has similar taste and style to what you are looking for. If you are a more natural bride, find someone whose portfolio reflects that kind of look, so you know that that is the work they pride themselves on. If you are a bride that likes a more glamorous look, be sure to find a makeup artist who has a portfolio that reflects that specific style and look. Makeup artists at the end of the day are in fact artists, we love to do work which reflects who we are while still making our bride happy.

Q. What’s trendy right now?
A. You will definitely notice people wearing more corals and pinks during the spring. Brighter lipsticks are also trending right now with a softer eye. Some lipstick favs of mine this time of year are Snob, Saint Germain, Girl About Town, Impassioned, and Morange (all MAC shades)

Q. Have you ever had a bride ask for something crazy?
A. Nothing“crazy” but I have had some requests which I have not been too fond of. For instance, I had a bride who wanted her makeup completely done, but without any mascara or false lashes. This is kind of a makeup artist’s worst nightmare haha. She said she hates the way mascara looks and prefers a more invisible look for her lashes. I wasn’t a fan of this decision, but I went along with her request.

Q. I’ve heard it’s a good idea to show your makeup artist photos of celebrities whose makeup you want to emulate on your wedding day. I love how Taylor Swift does her makeup, but I look absolutely nothing like her. Should I only show my makeup artist photos of celebrities I look like?
A. You definitely do not need to look like a person to show that you like their makeup. The difficulty in this comes in when people expect the end result to be that they will then look identical to the celebrity. I love the way Kim Kardashian does her makeup, and I often replicate her looks on myself, but at the end of the day I understand that I am not actually going to look like her, I just want my makeup to look like hers. As long as you understand that you may not look like the celebrity, but you will have similar makeup applied, there are no problems with showing your artist inspirational photographs.

Q. What make-up do you use?
A. A lot of MAC, but I do use Urban Decay, NARS, Lancome, and Makeup Forever.

Q. Do you provide a hairstyling service?
A. Currently I do not. I am keeping myself busy enough with makeup that I have not yet found the need to take on hair, but I am sure sometime down the road I will decide to add that to the list of services.

Q. Should my make-up or hair be completed first?
A. This does not make any difference to me. I have done makeup before hair, after hair, and during hair – whatever works at the time and for everyone else, works for me.

Q. Are you Mobile?
A. I sure am! Being mobile definitely is convenient and it also reduces the brides stress level. I always tell brides to find hair stylists who are also mobile, that way everyone is coming to them on their big day and they can just sit back and relax.

Q. Do you offer Gift Certificates?
A. This is something I am currently working on getting set up.

Q. I am getting married. Why should I use a professional Make-Up Artist?
A. The first reason is simple: professionally applied makeup will last the duration of your wedding day with proper care. The number one thing I am told the day after weddings by brides is how well their makeup stayed on and how they couldn’t believe it didn’t move even though they cried throughout the day. Professional makeup artists pride themselves on using quality products and water resistant products to ensure your makeup not only looks its best, but that it will last for the entire day. The second reason it is important to hire a professional is because a professional makeup artist will know and understand your face shape, your skin tone and texture, and will know what products to use to give you that flawless look for the day and will know what products to use to create the look you are wanting.

Photos via Katch Studios & Sharon Litchfield

Vendor Love – Jenn Chivers

Apr 10 , 2012

Hair. It might not seem like a big deal but your bridal hair style is just as important as your wedding dress and deserves lots of attention and care as well. After all, the hair tops off the dress and really completes the look. I recently caught up with one of my favorite hair stylists, the incredibly gorgeous & talented Jenn Chivers who answered some very important questions when it comes to bridal hair.

Q. What should you look for when choosing a hairdresser?
A. Obviously, the first thing to look at is a stylist portfolio. I usually advise my brides to get a feel for the stylists personality too, so you can ensure it will be a good fit for you. Talk to them on the phone, or book a consultation with them before you confirm your date. Most stylists are happy to meet with you for 15 or 20 minutes free of charge discuss with you your date, the look you would like to see, or to answer any other questions you may have. This is a great opportunity to ensure that you have found the right person for your big day. Good stylists book up fast, so don’t leave it until the last few months before the wedding or you may be disappointed. My availability is usually most flexible if you are looking 9-18 months, with occasional openings on short notice depending on the date.

Q. How far in advance should a bride begin planning any changes to their hair style for the big day?
A. Usually, if you have a specific style in mind that requires changes to your hair to achieve it, try to book a consultation with your stylist as soon as possible. Big changes to color can sometimes take a few visits to achieve so it’s better to discuss with your stylist early on and build a plan together.

Q. Would you advise a change in hairstyle or color for the wedding day?
A. Honestly, it depends on the bride. Do they change their look alot? It’s important to keep in mind the length/shape of your hair if you have a specific style in mind. As far as color, once again, the most important thing is to discuss with your stylist. I don’t normally advise drastic changes in color/cut in the final 2 months leading up to the wedding. By this time, you usually have your style chosen and have likely done your trial-changes in color can affect your Bridal look.

Q. How far do you travel?
A. I travel all over! My travel rate within the City of Edmonton is incorporated into my rates, but I have done weddings all around Alberta as well as in Mexico and BC. For travel outside of Edmonton, I usually discuss with the bride what their needs are and we go from there.

Q. Do I wash my hair on the day of the wedding?
A. Every stylist is different, personally, I prefer day old hair. When you shampoo your hair, the natural oils in your hair are removed so the hair can be a little less manageable and the end result may not be as good. You know your hair best and it is important to communicate with your stylist whether it is oily/dry etc and they can advise you from there, I always have a full range of products/tools in my kit to deal with pretty much any situation:)

Q. Do I have my Hair or Make up done first?
A. I don’t normally have a preference. I do both hair and makeup and I also work with other stylists/artists-I always do touch ups on the Wedding Party before I leave so any stray hairs that may have come about if the makeup is done first will be taken care of. The most important thing to me is that you are ready on time!

Q. What about using fresh flowers in your hair?
A. I love the look of fresh flowers in Bridal hair, it has a feminine feel. The only downfall of fresh flowers is that they can look bruised or wilted by the end of the night if they aren’t treated properly by your florist. If this is a look that you absolutely love, then go for it! Brides should feel like they look amazing!

Q. How about other hair decorations?
A. There are so many options for hair accessories-I see so many exquisite pieces! I have to admit, they are a bit of a weakness for me, I just love the variety and how they can transform a simple hairstyle into a stunning look. In the last few years, I have seen brides move toward using a unique accessory that reflects their personal style rather than a veil. Personally, I love this trend-while I think veils are beautiful, they can be cumbersome at times and most brides end up taking them out after formal pictures. It’s seems like a waste to take a beautiful veil off half way through your special day.

Q. What are the current trends and fashion for the brides’ hair?
A. Well, that is always a difficult question to answer. I always encourage my brides to wear a style that is right for them first, then complementing the trend second. As far as trends or fashion, I am seeing alot of soft styling, braiding and twisting. The common thread between each of the different styles (vintage, classic, simple, trendy) is that the hair is not too stiff. While the hair can range from quite structured to soft and undone, there aren’t alot of sharp edges. It has movement and isn’t too ‘perfect’, even though it is perfect for you :)

Q. Is it OK for the bride to use a hairpiece?
A. I would say on average, about 40% of my brides use some sort of supplemental hair to achieve their dream look. Once again, this is something to think about early on and discuss with the stylist that will be doing your bridal services. If you are planning on using extensions or a hair piece, it is important you have it before you have it before you do your trial.

Q. How can the bride and bridal party maintain a hairstyle throughout the day?
A. My goal is that there is little maintenance for the bride and her party to do throughout the day. That being said, it is usually a good idea to have a bottle of flexible hold hairspray and pins in your day kit to touch it up if you need to. Down styles can sometimes get a little flat after a while, so it is nice to just fluff it up a bit partway through the day. Ask your stylist if there are any special instructions to maintain your look, they are usually happy to help.

If you would like to get in touch with the lovely Jenn Chivers, here is her contact info:

Email –
Blog –
Facebook – Jenn Chivers Facebook