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Happy Valentines Day!

Feb 14 , 2014

jodi miller photography
Happy Valentines Day Eerbody!

I know I said in the last post that I’m not one for Valentines because I truly believe we need to be this loving and affectionate to one another year round. But, I still have to give a few shout outs to a few people.

First, my main squeeze…my husband…the guy who loves me all year round amid my craziness and often erratic behavior. Bassim Baby, you are my gem of all gems, the butter to my butter chicken, the absolute light of my life. Thank you for being my bff and homie 4 life.

I also have to wish my mom and brothers a happy love day. Us three, have been through some real “hell” the past couple of years and it only brought us closer together. I love you 3 fiercely and truly, madly deeply with all of my heart. We aren’t the perfect family but who the hell is? I think we are pretty effing awesome flaws and all. I can’t wait to spend my Valentines Day with the people I love most!

Last but definitely not least… I have to give the biggest shout out to you! YES, you! I cannot thank each and everyone you who visit this tiny little space of mine in the big ol internet world. You have no idea how much your emails, comments, instagram love mean to me. You are all honestly some of the sweetest people I have ever had the honor of knowing. I hope everyone has an awesome day but please, if I can just ask you all one thing, it’s this: love one another the way you do on Valentines Day every day. Send your pals and fam jam love letters year round. Shower your babe with chocolates and kisses all the time not just on February 14th. This world has a way of getting the best of us especially when were feeling down and defeated so embrace one another with unconditional love all day eerday! That’s all (: xoxo moni

Photography: Jodi Miller Photography

Happy Valentines Day!

Feb 14 , 2013

Happy Valentines Day my loves! Wishing everyone a romantic, fun-filled day with their hunnies. I always like to pamper my juju with Valentines sweets so this year was no exception ;) I opted for an apple pie instead of a cake because….I thought it looked cuter…and also because I feel like this is the year of the pie and the pie deserves some attention in the spot light too! We had carrot cake & banana muffins…mini cinnamon buns that were oh so heavenly and to top it off I had the super awesome Nima Malekraeisi of funwithlight photography behind the lens to snap all of this sweetness. xoxo moniDSC_2141 copy
DSC_2158 copy
DSC_2119 copy
DSC_2103 copy
DSC_2107 copy
DSC_2157 copy
DSC_2154 copy

Styling, Concept & Design: Birds & Honey
Photography: Nima Malekraeisi of funwithlight
Desserts: Homemade
Scallped Garland & Cupcake toppers: The path less traveled
Boxes: Chicken & Custard