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Tips + Goals: January Edition

Jan 9 , 2015

Happy Friday friends! So, the first week of January has passed by and I’m not even going to try and front like it has been this amazing fresh start with no glitches…and I’m kind of happy it’s been a bit of a little mess. I wanted to start this year off right and one of my goals was to try and get back to the gym. Did that happen? NOPE. Not even a little bit. Now normally, this would make me feel like a massive failure but it didn’t. Instead of getting really negative and complaining that I can’t fit into my clothes I thought of what I could do naturally to help me get back in the groove of living a healthier lifestyle. I made a list. You might laugh at it but I’m telling you babes…baby steps is how you get your groove back. Here’s what I’ve been doing:

1. Drinking that H2O: the more water I drink the better I feel. The less I’m tempted to eat junk and my skin even looks better. But the best part about that delicious, clear beverage…It’s free!

2. Taking the stairs: who would have thought I could be working my way to that Kardashian bootie by doing this on the daily?

3. Cooking more at home: This one has been such a success. My juju and I not only get to have some quality time together but were also saving a ton by not eating out so much. Also, we are making it rain with some serious Air miles points.

4. Working out at home: I’m going to keep it real with you guys. A part of the reason I dread going to the gym is because I get really uncomfortable working out and sweating like a mofo in front of those babes who still look hot while they get their work out on. My new secret weapon…workout videos! Who would have thought a little workout video (which is also free courtesy of that amazing YouTube) could get your heart going and the best part…you don’t even have to leave home. I’m going to continue doing these little steps in January and see how I hold up.

If you babes have any more tips on fitness, good food, good books, basically anything awesome…feel free to send it way. I am open to pretty much anything =) and let me know how you guys have been holding up with your new years goals and resolutions. If you’ve had a bit of a rocky start just keep going! dust that shit off your shoulders and get back on it. Don’t get caught up in being negative and feeling like you’ve failed. We are all in this together friends!!

ps: I got some exciting news about the Birds & Honey headquarters that I’ll be sharing next so look out for that. Also, I haven’t bothered cleaning it for a couple weeks and it still makes me happy so don’t be so hard on yourself if cleaning is no longer a priority. Happy weekend babes. xoxo moni

Cheers to the New Years + Letting Go

Jan 1 , 2015

Hey babes heyyy! Man, I have missed you friends. I am the worst I know. For the past year, I have started every blog post like this: sorry, I haven’t blogged lately…blah blah…I will be more consistent… blah blah… things are crazy and busy… blah blah blah. At the end of it all, it I haven’t left you babes with much to see or read and for that I am so sorry friends. 2015 will be more consistent when it comes to this little blog of mine. I am hoping to keep it simple and try and post 2-3 times a week, featuring birds & honey related weddings, editorials, projects and all other forms of radness. I want to post more quality over quantity! I’m also curious if there’s anything in particular you babe’s would like to see more of or not see at all? Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts on that. Also…remember that epic giveaway I had mentioned a while back? well it’s almost complete (I had to make sure to fill it with the best of the best) so be sure to check back in the early weeks of January for more info on that! Now, lets get to the serious stuff shall we :P

This year, like every other year has been such an eye opener. I want to say that a lot of things didn’t go my way but it wasn’t necessarily a negative thing. I learned so much this year. I learned to give people the benefit of a doubt. This is something I have always struggled with. I used to think that things were either black or white. That we only have option A or B. And that’s that! However, life isn’t black and white. Life consists of so many factors, so many colors and reasons that make us decide what we do or don’t do. We all have a million things that we are responsible for. It’s not always what it seems on our computer screens or instagram filled worlds so try and be a little more sympathetic to one another. Life is beautiful but it is always going to be a bumpy ride filled with highs and lows. So lets be kind to one another on this journey. We are all in this together yo!

This was a year of many firsts for me and it marked the first time in my life where I finally started saying NO to many things. I said no to job opportunities. At the time, I was super scared about that one…but I soon realized that in doing so, there was room for some really beautiful oppertunities and that was possible by taking on less. I know it sounds a little cray but its true. When you stop trying to please everyone and really think about what you are putting your name on, you have room for those special projects and clients that you normally wouldn’t because you’ve already planned your month out with a million so-so opportunities.

This was also the year where I said no to people who only want to spew negative bullshit. Ain’t nobody got time for that negative baggage. Turn on the news and for the most part, it’s filled with bad news, bad news, a cute puppy here or there and then more bad news. Don’t get me wrong you guys. I get that some days we need to vent to one another and I am down for that whenever you need. But, I am not down with talking smack about someone who is just trying to do the best they can in a shit situation. If we took that much energy into being supportive of one another I think we would find ourselves a little happier in all aspects of our lives.

So with all of that, I wanted to finish my little new years blurb with some of my goals for the new year! I want to continue working on those simple things I still struggle with. For me, that consists of taking better care of myself both mentally and physically. I still don’t eat breakfast. I still make excuses not to go get some fresh air and I still spend too much time on my phone. This year, I want to be extremely selfish with my time because…I don’t know what tomorrow holds for me so I want to spend the time that I do have happy and healthy with my loved ones (: with that, I bid you babes adieu! Happy New Years beautiful peeps! I hope 2015 is the best for all of us. Sending you guys loads of love and even more good vibes xoxo moni

My Ode to September….

Sep 1 , 2014

Jan 2014 Shoot-126
September. You are my favourite month of the year babe. I welcome you with big open arms every year because you are the month that rocks my world in all the right ways. I know you guys are like “whoa, whats with this girl and September? so here it goes. r e a s o n [1] September is oh soooooo special because it’s the month where I got to marry my boo! r e a s o n [2] September is the month when all the leaves start to fall and the air gets a little brisk which means I can start wearing cute sweaters and hats again and, who am I kidding? I live in Edmonton and we basically have snow 8 months out of the year so realistically I can always wear cute sweaters here but the sweater collection is awesome this time of year. r e a s o n [3] September also happens to be the month where my crazy wedding season hits the brakes and I start to have some kind of semblance of a life again :P cheers to all of my brotha’s in sista’s in this industry who have killed it this year with all the peonies, blood, sweat and tears. We are all due for a little break and I can’t wait to enjoy a little down time with you babes!!! xoxo moni

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mamas

May 11 , 2014

You see that lady up there you guys? not that little chubby girl who sort of looks like a dude but that Persian beauty holding her hand :P that lady right there is the first love of my life! My Maman. She is my warrior queen. My symbol of strength and perseverance. She is the inspiration of all of my inspirations. She is like walking poetry and she doesn’t even have to spit no rhymes. She has been my teacher since before I ever step foot into school. She taught me the value of hard work, patience and independence. She taught me that it’s okay to fall in love but you have to love yourself first and foremost. When she cooks its as if I am sitting with my family back in Iran. Her food is her soul and her soul is a thing of beauty. This day and every other day I am blessed to be her daughter and I can only hope that I come even a tiny bit close to the amazing mother she is. Happy mothers day to the love of my life. Love you maman joon. And happy Mothers day to all of you beautiful mama’s and to you daddies who play two parts. You guys deserve all of the love too. xoxo moni

“An ounce of mother is worth a pound of clergy” – Spanish Proverb -

Personal: It’s Been a Minute Yo…..

May 8 , 2014

To say that I’m a great blogger is probably the biggest lie of all time. Heck, I cant even say i’m a decent one you guys. I also don’t want to talk about how rough these past few months have been. I was going to do a long post about all of the bs and all of the gloomy downs but then I said to myself “Moni, this is everyones life” We are all going through these gloomy downs and we are all doing the very best to make it through each day. I want to end this on a positive note because amid all of the bs in this world there is some beautiful light at the end of the tunnel. I am so excited for the second half of this year to kick in. I am going to recharge my soul and do what I love to do. Period. I hope you babes can forgive this little mess of a blog I run. It has been neglected but Birds & Honey will be back with a boom boom boom dammit! I am heading off to my favourite city next to e-town of course -> PORTLAND – WHAT WHAT!!! and I am going to spend it doing what I love most – Creating the most beautiful setting for two souls – swimming in a sea of big, beautiful blooms – filling my soul with creativity and not giving a shit about what any hater thinks! Who else is ready for a re-do of 2014? Lets do this together you guys! xoxo moni

Happy Valentines Day!

Feb 14 , 2014

jodi miller photography
Happy Valentines Day Eerbody!

I know I said in the last post that I’m not one for Valentines because I truly believe we need to be this loving and affectionate to one another year round. But, I still have to give a few shout outs to a few people.

First, my main squeeze…my husband…the guy who loves me all year round amid my craziness and often erratic behavior. Bassim Baby, you are my gem of all gems, the butter to my butter chicken, the absolute light of my life. Thank you for being my bff and homie 4 life.

I also have to wish my mom and brothers a happy love day. Us three, have been through some real “hell” the past couple of years and it only brought us closer together. I love you 3 fiercely and truly, madly deeply with all of my heart. We aren’t the perfect family but who the hell is? I think we are pretty effing awesome flaws and all. I can’t wait to spend my Valentines Day with the people I love most!

Last but definitely not least… I have to give the biggest shout out to you! YES, you! I cannot thank each and everyone you who visit this tiny little space of mine in the big ol internet world. You have no idea how much your emails, comments, instagram love mean to me. You are all honestly some of the sweetest people I have ever had the honor of knowing. I hope everyone has an awesome day but please, if I can just ask you all one thing, it’s this: love one another the way you do on Valentines Day every day. Send your pals and fam jam love letters year round. Shower your babe with chocolates and kisses all the time not just on February 14th. This world has a way of getting the best of us especially when were feeling down and defeated so embrace one another with unconditional love all day eerday! That’s all (: xoxo moni

Photography: Jodi Miller Photography