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Claire Pettibone 2013 Bridal Collection

Nov 7 , 2012

Le Swoon…that pretty much sums up how I feel about Claire Pettibone’s 2013 gorgeous bridal collection. So without further ado…the amazing collection from Claire Pettibone……

Zuhair Murad 2013 Bridal Collection

Sep 24 , 2012

Ummmm how stunning are these gowns by Zuhair Murad?!! So gorgeous, so feminine, sooooo swoon worthy!!! Zuhair Murad is honestly my new designer crush. Such beautiful craftsmanship & structure with just the right amount of “I’m damn fine and you are lucky to be marrying me”!!! So please, sit back & enjoy all of the gorgeous eye candy and have a fabulous weekend my loves!!!

Photos via Photos courtesy of weddinginspirasi

Lace & Lazer Cut Love

May 23 , 2012

The other day I was browsing one of my favorite wedding blogs Green Wedding Shoes and I could not believe my eyes when I saw these amazing works of art. I mean seriously, These dresses are beyond amazing. I have always, always, always been obsessed with all things lace so it is no surprize I am head over heels in love with these lace – lazer cut inspired dresses. Go ahead…take a look and tell me you are not amazed.