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Happy Birthday Baby

Oct 19 , 2012

The above photo is my favorite picture of my husband because he looks like a total snob :)

But I digress. Happy Happy Happy birthday to my amazing husband Bassim…my baby…my juju!!! I hope you have such an amazing birthday and that all your wishes come true today! You are my sweetest sweetheart, bestest best friend and pretty much my whole world. I adore everything about you and I am so so so sooooooooooooo thankful to have you by my side every day and every night! And inn no particular order, here are a few of my favorite things about you juju:

* your unconditional love
* your face! you are still the hottest thing I have ever seen.
* The sweetness in your eyes.
* Your lips because they are perfection.
* Your little dimple still gives me butterflies….your just so darn gorgeous
* the fact that you are so so so thoughtful
* you make me laugh….all the time…even when I need a little cry time
* The fact that you watch any of the “real housewives” with me even though I suspect you secretly enjoy it too :)
* your endless supply of hugs and kisses
* the fact that you are so protective of me
* your love of storage wars, duck dynasty, pawn stars, auction hunters and all of those other manly shows you watch
* you are so so supportive of me and all of my romantic dreams that include wandering the Parisian streets of Paris!
* you are always a gentleman

There is like a million other reasons why I love and adore you baby but I don’t want to come across as some crazy lady lol. Love you always juju

x o x o

your wifey!