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Birds + Honey Published: Magnolia Rouge

Jan 5 , 2015

Happy first week of 2015 you guys!!! I hope you guys rang the new year with some much needed party time or relax time…whichever way, I hope you babes are ready to make this the best year yet. I wanted to start this Monday off with some pretty awesome news!! I was finally able get my hands on the latest issue of Magnolia Rouge which features my homage to Oscar Wilde! I’ll be doing the full blog post for that in the next month. So stay tuned for that goodness. If you can’t wait you can view the latest issue here! xoxo moni

Stunning cover shot by Brumley & Wells

Frida Kahlo Stationary: Sneak Peek

Nov 14 , 2014

Happy Friday, Babes! There’s honestly not much to share with you all today except that Edmonton is really cold right now. I’m talking, the hairs on your head turn white as soon as you step outside cold. So, I decided that I needed to go back to a warmer time like when I designed the most gorgeous editorial dedicated to my hero Frida Kahlo! I can only hope you dolls will love it as much as I do. Until I can show you guys the big reveal I figured I would feast your eyes with some of the most beautiful paper ever. Here is a teenie tiny sneak peek of the gorgeous stationary that my lovely & incredibly talented friend Cass Deller designed. These were just a few of the pics I snapped from my iphone. Wait till you babes see the film scans from my girl Justine Milton. They are all kinds of amazing! What are you dolls up to this weekend? I’m about to turn off the social media for the weekend and binge on some bollywood movies and enjoy this cold but still beautiful day with my juju. Happy Friday, beauties

Birds + Honey: Persian New Years

Jul 6 , 2014

Happy Belated Persian New Years Friends! I know right about now you are thinking to yourself “umm what is she talking about? New Years has already passed” But, for Persians all around the world, we will be celebrating New Years aka Nowruz aka the official start of spring/summer. While many folks are gearing up for the warmer weather and gorgeous summer flats, Persians are gearing up for some in depth literal “spring cleaning” of their homes and also a spiritual spring cleaning of sorts for their souls! Persian New Year or Nowruz, literally translates to “New Day.” Persians celebrate by cleaning their homes, buying new clothes, baking pastries and putting together a beautiful table setting called Haft Sin (pronounced ‘seen’) aka the Table of Seven S’s. Each household prepares their table differently, but they all represent seven items that begin with the letter “S” in the Farsi language.

The Haft Sīn items are: Sabzeh aka wheat, barley or lentils. These gems symbolize rebirth. Samanu aka the sweetest pudding made, symbolizes affluence. Senjed aka the dried fruit of the oleaster tree symbolizes love. Sīr aka garlic symbolizes medicine. Sīb aka apples have always symbolized beauty and health. Somaq aka sumac berries symbolize the color of sunrise and last but not least, Serkeh aka vinegar symbolizes age and patience.

I wanted my tablescape to have a very regal and elegant vibe to it so I opted with a gorgeous Royal blue feel and balanced it off by incorporating stunning shades of blush pink and fuchsia colored garden roses and ranunculus for my flowers. The beauty about this and Persian new years in general is that it is something that is open for everyone to take part in. I know a lot of my girlfriends in particular usually find themselves in a bit of a funk after the initial start of the year and this is the perfect opportunity for them to get a new perspective and fresh start for where they are at.I hope you lovely ladies enjoy this beautiful and colorful celebration that is enjoyed by so many all around the world! xoxo moni

Design, Styling & Coordination – Birds & Honey
Photography – Nima Malekraeisi of Fun with Light Photography
Tassel Garland – Studio Mucci
Floral Design – Akiko Floral
Calligraphy & Stationary Design – Justine Ma Design
Table Linen – Ralph Lauren
Gold Rimmed Glasses – Vintage from Turkey

Happy Persian New Year!!!

Mar 21 , 2014

Happy Persian New Year Everyone!!! Wishing all of my fellow Persians all around the world the very best this year! and to all of my non Persians, Happy first day of spring :) New Years for Persians, is essentially a celebration of the first day of spring which we equate with a fresh new start! So if 2014 has been off to a bumpy start for you… then let the beginning of spring be a second chance to get things back in order. I will be doing a full post on all of the festivities and rituals that go along with Nowruz but for now, here is a sneak peek of some of the paper goodness that was custom designed by my sweet pal Justine Ma! Wishing everyone a very happy weekend! xoxo moni

Birds + Honey Editorial: Bollywood Glam

Jan 6 , 2014

Styled Shoot 2013Jan-34
Styled Shoot 2013Jan-84
Styled Shoot 2013Jan-703-1Styled Shoot 2013Jan-22
Styled Shoot 2013Jan-279
Styled Shoot 2013Jan-272Collage
Styled Shoot 2013Jan-203
Styled Shoot 2013Jan-193

Sooooooooo, I have a confession to make guys….I am sort of obsessed with all things Bollywood. Before my family left Iran, we stayed in Pakistan for a bit and according to my mother thats when I got my first taste of Bollywood. I aint playin guys, ever since I was a child I have been watching Bollywood movies and my B-wood movie collection is pretty rad!

I always wanted to do my own spin of Bollywood Glam – not the basic bold reds or pinks but really pay homage to that timeless, classic Bollywood glam look with my own personal spin to it! So, I teamed up with some of E-towns finest to bring together my idea of what I think Bollywood glam is…and the result…well you be the judge and let me know ;) ps – you can also see more of this Bollywood goodness featured on The Wedding Chicks!

Planning, Design & Coordination: Birds & Honey Events
Photographer: Tegan Martin-Drysdale
Venue: Blake Loates Studio
Makeup: Anita Gill Makeup Artistry
Hair: Jennifer Chivers
Flowers: Fabloomosity
Stationery: Lucky Penny Paperie
Furniture Rentals: Elegant Touches
Dress Designer & Jewelry: Custom made in India

Birds + Honey Editorial: Bollywood Glam

Oct 22 , 2013

Styled Shoot 2013Jan-193
I just want to apologize to all of my homies in advance for taking so long to post the Bollywood editorial I designed earlier this year but I promise the full feature will be on the blog-izzle super soon…I promise! For now here is a little sneak of my vision of Bollywood glam! Gorgeous photos snapped by my girl Tegan Martin-Drysdale! xoxo moni