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Happy Tuesday Birdies! It has been a minute since we chatted with our favourite fashion blogger, the one and only Jade Rose but she actually has a really good excuse I promise! Jade recently moved all the way to London Town so she has been a busy lady but I had a chance to catch up with her and get all of the deets on her gorgeous bridesmaid dresses for her wedding. I’ll let Jade do the talking! “Sequins, gold, silver, fringe, and every silhouette. My glam bridesmaids looked stunning on our wedding day! It was important for me as the bride to make sure my girls felt fabulous and stunning standing next to me, I wanted them to feel comfortable in what they would wear all day for countless pictures. So, how should a bride go about deciding on what to have the bridesmaids wear? Well, I put myself in their position. The previously mentioned is what I would care about, feeling comfortable and confident. So, I gave my girls a color palette consisting of metallics and neutrals and let them pick their own dresses. With some guidance toward the overall look, my girls did a fabulous job on their own!!! In the end, each bridesmaid wore what expressed their individuality and I was happy as the colors and textures were perfect! Here are some sneak peeks before the world gets the entire debut of our classy, glam wedding.” How effing stunning are these dresses, like for reals? What are your thoughts on bridesmaids being in different dresses? I for one think it’s amazing!!! Let everyone shine their own way. xoxo moni

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  1. These are so beautiful moni and Jade. Jade are there any photos of your girls wearing them? Also, who’s the designer of these dresses?

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