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board I was recently asked by my sweet friend Nikkol Christiansen who runs the stunning blog Peter Loves Jane to contribute to a section called “my wedding redesigned” Not that I absolutely didn’t love my wedding as is but if I could ever have a re-do, it would go a little something like this: First things first, my juju and I would elope to some gorgeous little spot probably somewhere in Paris or Southern California. Just the two of us without a care in the world! Elizabeth Messina or Jose Villa would capture all of the gorgeousness and I would have the amazing Julie Song Ink create some gorgeous paper for us! Without further ado here is what I would do now. The Paper: Julie Song Ink is my hero when it comes to all things pretty and paper so in my dream world she would help me create something that oozes romance and color all into one! Photo Credit: Julie Song Ink Ceremony Spot: I would love to do something secluded, and oh, so romantic, with some darling chandaliers hanging out of no where! Photo Credit: Jose Villa The Dress: This time around I think I would want to be a tad more covered up. No more sweetheart neckline or strapless. I have fallen in love with the idea of being a bit more covered up. Photo Credit: Elizabeth Messina The Cake: I was such a ball of nerves on my wedding day that I didn’t even get to enjoy some cake. So this time around I would combine all things pretty + gold with all things tasty…maybe even some kind of vanilla bean concoction! Photo Credit: Vicky Starz Photography The Bouquet: First time around I had no idea anything besides peonies even existed so this time around I would want a variety of peonies, garden roses, anomies and all the gorgeous little bits of greenery you could imagine! Photo Credit: Melanie Duerkopp

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  1. I adore the stationary design and I am also obsessed with Julie Song thanks alot moni lol

  2. Love everything about this. Love your style so much moni. I am waiting to get engaged so you can come to Vancouver lol

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