February 2014: Goals & Thangs

Feb 3 , 2014

Styled Shoot 2012Dec-127
Time needs to seriously take a chill pill and slow the eff down! I mean, wasn’t it January like a minute ago? Gahhh. I can’t believe how fast the time has been flying the past couple of months you guys…but, I digress. Lets talk about the month of love shall we? I am a really big fan of February! Not because of Valentines day or anything. I actually don’t care too much for Valentines day dolls. There, I said it! (I am officially the weirdest wedding planner right?) I feel like we oughta love each other like its valentines all day, everyday. Not just once a year.

But back to my love of February! I love this month because I finally start to see the progress of some of the goals I made in December/January. I wanted to keep things really simple this year. I wanted to focus on more quality time on a few things and less so-so time on a million things. I have made it my priority that there is always time for my husband above everything. Date nights are always a must in my home. Date night is actually my favourite day of the week because it consists of some good food, usually a good movie and cuddling with my juju.

I also make it my mission to have my special time with my family and friends. I know its hard to get everyone together but with a little bit of organization and planning ahead it can happen people! I never realized how much fun it was to just listen to my mother reminisce about the good ol days and watch my brothers play video games. Its the simple things right?! We only get one family dolls and we should always let them know how much they mean to us. Their the ones who love you UNCONDITIONALLY. Your family be making it rain with love yo :P

Last but definitely not least, I really started to stick with maintaining a healthier lifestyle. I changed my diet for the better and slowly but surely I am seeing little changes. Most noticeable, my change of mood. Better food = better mood you guys. I still need to work on getting more physically active and getting to bed earlier and not staring at my phone in bed. Apparently they say (and by they I mean those fancy doctors on Dr. Oz) that you shouldn’t look at your phone, tablet, whatever device while in bed because it really messes up your brain. Even a little bit of that brightness can make your brain feel like your wired making it that much more difficult to get to bed. So going forward this month I am going to work on this nasty little habit of mine.

Those are my little goals that I want to continue to work on till they are no longer considered goals! How about you guys? Have you guys been sticking to your goals? Even if you haven’t stuck to your goals it isn’t too late to start. It’s a brand new month and you can choose to start clean. So come on will ya? xoxo moni

Photography: Tegan Martin-Drysdale
Blooms, Styling & Design: Birds & Honey Events

Birds & Honey: Sneak Peek

Jan 27 , 2014

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 3.38.29 PM
I’m not really one for hot pink because I sort of have an obsession with this color here! but, that all changed when the concept of something Kate Spade inspired came my way. Then when I found out I could play with some gold…well… I sort of jumped up and down and maybe even did a bit of a pop, lock and drop.

I’ll be posting more little sneak peeks on my instagram so make sure to check back for more updates on what’s sure to be my favourite editorial ever! I’m even calling this gem #pinkpeonywithadashofkatespade. Hope everyone is enjoying their start to 2014! Positivity is key homies. Whatever you put out there will come back your way! xoxo moni

Birds & Honey: Oh So Beautiful Paper

Jan 20 , 2014

I have always been in love and a bit obsessed with beautiful paper. This stems back to my childhood when I would swoon over hand written letters sent from my grandpa joon all the way from Iran. I would savour that beautifully blemished paper that was full of imperfections yet still so perfect to me. I have always surrounded myself with beautiful words. Beautiful words in my books, beautiful words on my walls and beautiful words for my couples when they are planning the wedding of their dreams. A few months ago I renewed my vows with my sweet husband and I decided to really go with the flow and keep it simple. However, there was one thing I wasn’t willing to give up and that was my pretty paper addiction. I mean, can you really blame me?
Working in this industry is truly a blessing because through the power of social media and a little shove from the big guy up there I had the absolute honour of meeting one of the most talented people in the realm of pretty paper and that amazing lady is Sarah Donovan of The Stationary Baker. She is legit one of the most sweetest people you will ever come across. Beautiful inside and out and stationary visionary. I contacted Sarah with a vision that at times seemed like a bit of a hot mess in my head but she managed to create the most stunning stationary suite for me and my juju. Sarah, I hope you don’t think I’m cray but I have reused every single item and hung up it as art in my home. It’s just too gorgeous not to be displayed!

Big thank you to the amazing Kat Gill of Katch Studios for taking these gorgeous shots for me. You can also check out more of this stationary goodness on one of my fav blogs in the whole wide world: Oh So Beautiful Paper

Birds & Honey Editorial: Bollywood Glam

Jan 6 , 2014

Styled Shoot 2013Jan-34
Styled Shoot 2013Jan-84
Styled Shoot 2013Jan-703-1Styled Shoot 2013Jan-22
Styled Shoot 2013Jan-279
Styled Shoot 2013Jan-272Collage
Styled Shoot 2013Jan-203
Styled Shoot 2013Jan-193

Sooooooooo, I have a confession to make guys….I am sort of obsessed with all things Bollywood. Before my family left Iran, we stayed in Pakistan for a bit and according to my mother thats when I got my first taste of Bollywood. I aint playin guys, ever since I was a child I have been watching Bollywood movies and my B-wood movie collection is pretty rad!

I always wanted to do my own spin of Bollywood Glam – not the basic bold reds or pinks but really pay homage to that timeless, classic Bollywood glam look with my own personal spin to it! So, I teamed up with some of E-towns finest to bring together my idea of what I think Bollywood glam is…and the result…well you be the judge and let me know ;) ps – you can also see more of this Bollywood goodness featured on The Wedding Chicks!

Planning, Design & Coordination: Birds & Honey Events
Photographer: Tegan Martin-Drysdale
Venue: Blake Loates Studio
Makeup: Anita Gill Makeup Artistry
Hair: Jennifer Chivers
Flowers: Fabloomosity
Stationery: Lucky Penny Paperie
Furniture Rentals: Elegant Touches
Dress Designer & Jewelry: Custom made in India

January 2014: Goals & Thangs

Jan 1 , 2014

MonaBassim_0084I honestly can’t get over the fact that another year has gone by. I mean, I feel like it was just yesterday that I was talking about my goals and dreams for 2013. This year changed my life in so many ways. It was an amazing year for Birds & Honey Events you guys! I got to help some amazing couples plan the wedding of their dreams. I was blessed to travel to some gorgeous places and meet some incredible people in this industry who have become some of my dearest homies. Business wise, this year was an absolute dream come true. However, on a personal side, it was a brutal year.

This year, I had to really deal with things that I have always swept under my “persian” rug. I have always been afraid of dealing with confrontation and having people dislike me. In short, I have been living my life trying to please all those around me and put my needs on the back burner. I also had to deal with the sudden passing of my father which was single handedly the event that shook me to my core. It really forced me to put things into perspective. It made me realize how precious our time on this earth really is. We cannot waste it hating others, talking people down, bashing people because they are successful, in short: We need to stop with the haterade.

I really hope you guys take what I say with a grain of glitter. Don’t do like me and wait till something really shitty happens before you change your ways. Let the ones you love know how much you love them on a daily basis. You aint gotta wait till christmas or birthdays to holler at your friends and fam. I have made it a necessity to call my momma every day, even if its for 10 minutes. I never realized how much her sweet voice makes my day. Its the little things in life right dolls?

All in all, 2013 was a year that changed my life for the better. There were days, very dark and gloomy days that I felt like throwing in the towel and giving up on everything. But then I realized something very awesome! I am allowed to have days where I fall apart. I am allowed to have days where I shut everything and everyone off. Some days, I need a time out! I am okay with things not always being picture perfect guys. We should embrace the imperfections that life throws our way.

This is the first year I plan on “sticking” to the plan. For me, that plan doesn’t consist of a bunch of new years resolutions I don’t plan on actually doing. This year, I am changing my life for the better. I’m talking healthier food – all day – eerday! spending that quality time with my fam jam & continuing to appreciate my amazing husband who is honestly the one person who calms me down when I have those “dark & gloomy” days. Love you B. Thank you for being the best partner in our cray cray life.

I know a lot of people who had a rough time in 2013 so this for all of us! Lets raise our glasses and have a toast to the new year dolls. Here’s to keepin it real and doing what makes us happy! and lets do a better job of loving one another along the way this time. There is enough room for all of us up on this biznatch!

ps – that amazing photo is from the equally amazing Kat Gill of Katch Studios from me and juju’s vow renewal which will be on the blog soon! Peace out homies