Snippets of My World on Instagram

Jun 24 , 2014

Hi Doll’s! Just wanted to pop in and say “what up!” in the blogosphere. I know it’s a bit quiet up in herr but you can definitely keep up with all of the Birds & Honey action here on instagram. We have been busy travelling our little behinds all over the place from Portland to Vancouver and then back to Portland for some seriously stunning gorgeousness. What are all of you beautiful babes up too this summer? xoxo moni

Birds & Honey Headquarters: Update

Jun 9 , 2014

Jan 2014 Shoot-30
Jan 2014 Shoot-2
Jan 2014 Shoot-38
Hey you beautiful babes!!! It’s moni here…you know..that girl who seems to only blog once a month ): I feel like every blog post has to begin with an apology from my “never here” presence but I have been knee deep in the craziness that is wedding season. Not complaining though because I have got to be a part of some ridiculously magical moments! But…..I figured since it will be a little while before I get to see all of the wedding sneak peeks I would show you guys a little glimpse into my Birds & Honey Headquarters :P There are still a few things that need to get finished before I show you guys the big reveal but until then…TAA DAAAAA!!!!

Till we meet again my loves. xoxo moni . photos courtesy of Tegan Martin-Drysdale

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mamas

May 11 , 2014

You see that lady up there you guys? not that little chubby girl who sort of looks like a dude but that Persian beauty holding her hand :P that lady right there is the first love of my life! My Maman. She is my warrior queen. My symbol of strength and perseverance. She is the inspiration of all of my inspirations. She is like walking poetry and she doesn’t even have to spit no rhymes. She has been my teacher since before I ever step foot into school. She taught me the value of hard work, patience and independence. She taught me that it’s okay to fall in love but you have to love yourself first and foremost. When she cooks its as if I am sitting with my family back in Iran. Her food is her soul and her soul is a thing of beauty. This day and every other day I am blessed to be her daughter and I can only hope that I come even a tiny bit close to the amazing mother she is. Happy mothers day to the love of my life. Love you maman joon. And happy Mothers day to all of you beautiful mama’s and to you daddies who play two parts. You guys deserve all of the love too. xoxo moni

“An ounce of mother is worth a pound of clergy” – Spanish Proverb -

Personal: It’s Been a Minute Yo…..

May 8 , 2014

To say that I’m a great blogger is probably the biggest lie of all time. Heck, I cant even say i’m a decent one you guys. I also don’t want to talk about how rough these past few months have been. I was going to do a long post about all of the bs and all of the gloomy downs but then I said to myself “Moni, this is everyones life” We are all going through these gloomy downs and we are all doing the very best to make it through each day. I want to end this on a positive note because amid all of the bs in this world there is some beautiful light at the end of the tunnel. I am so excited for the second half of this year to kick in. I am going to recharge my soul and do what I love to do. Period. I hope you babes can forgive this little mess of a blog I run. It has been neglected but Birds & Honey will be back with a boom boom boom dammit! I am heading off to my favourite city next to e-town of course -> PORTLAND – WHAT WHAT!!! and I am going to spend it doing what I love most – Creating the most beautiful setting for two souls – swimming in a sea of big, beautiful blooms – filling my soul with creativity and not giving a shit about what any hater thinks! Who else is ready for a re-do of 2014? Lets do this together you guys! xoxo moni

Happy Persian New Year!!!

Mar 21 , 2014

Happy Persian New Year Everyone!!! Wishing all of my fellow Persians all around the world the very best this year! and to all of my non Persians, Happy first day of spring :) New Years for Persians, is essentially a celebration of the first day of spring which we equate with a fresh new start! So if 2014 has been off to a bumpy start for you… then let the beginning of spring be a second chance to get things back in order. I will be doing a full post on all of the festivities and rituals that go along with Nowruz but for now, here is a sneak peek of some of the paper goodness that was custom designed by my sweet pal Justine Ma! Wishing everyone a very happy weekend! xoxo moni