Tips & Goals | December Edition |
Aroosi 000118 December, you have arrived and I honestly don’t even know where all this time has gone? It feels like it was just yesterday when I was planning all of my new years resolutions. Speaking of new years resolutions, I am going to be very honest and admit I did very lousy job at trying to accomplish them. One of my biggest goals was to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle and I failed…and I mean major, epic fail doll’s. But I cannot sit here and make excuses. I can only take responsibility for how I let things play out. I put way too much emphasis on pleasing the whole world and forgot to take care of myself along the way. I really hope all of you stuck by your goals but if you didn’t, don’t beat yourself up for it. I know trust me. Life can get in the way. Shit happens. You can’t control it. But there is still 31 days till this year is over and I for one am going to use this time to make some changes. In no specific order here are some of my goals for the magical month of December: 1) Wake up earlier so I can take my butt to the gym. I pay a good amount for a gym that is literally minutes away from my home so I am going to wake up when my birdie alarm starts chirping. 2) Cut back on eating out and preparing more home cooked meals. 3) Make sure to make my bed everyday. A happy bed makes for a happy girl :p 4) Prepare my outfits the night before so I don’t look like such a mess when I go out 5) Organize my iPod 6) Read 3 new books 7) Do something nice for a complete stranger once a week Here’s hoping for some positive results this month! I will keep all of you posted throughout this time and I really hope you doll’s use up this month to get back in the swing of things. The year isn’t over and we can still accomplish so much you guys. #cantstopwontstop xoxo moni Photography: Dong Kim Styling & Design: Birds & Honey Events

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