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Anthem_Persion-Boho-Collaboration042 I cannot believe my eyes but it is October freaking first! As I am finishing up all of the details for my final wedding of the season I saw what date it was today and I had to take a minute to just sit back and soak it all in. 2013 has kicked my ass and I mean it beat the s*%t out of me. I don’t want to reminisce about the really dark days, but a part of me is actually thankful for it. I know it’s a little strange to hear that but going through hell really helps getting your priorities straight in life. This year has made me so thankful for just being “alive”. I am blessed to be living this life I have. I get to do something that I truly love and yes, there are days where I want to just roll up in a ball and cry but who the hell doesn’t have days like that? I can bet you a million bucks all of those people you cyber crush on whether they are fashion bloggers, wedding photographers/planners/designers etc. they all have days where they second guess themselves and talk smack about themselves thinking that they aren’t good enough. This is NORMAL. No one is PERFECT. So just remember that the next time you go drinking that haterade. Now, back to good ol October! This month is amazing for so many reasons 1) It’s my juju’s birthday 2) It’s the time of year when I can bust out all of my favourite “ugly” sweaters and not care what anyone thinks 3) I can catch up on blogging and life in general. I am looking forward to the rest of this year and cannot wait to see what else is next! What do you guys love about October!? is anyone else dumbfounded by how fast this year has gone by? xoxo moni Photography: Anthem Photography Styling & Design: Birds & Honey Events

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  1. Your words always put a great big smile on my face :) God bless you for smiling through all that you’ve been through this year. Okay, so, my favorite part of October is all of the amazing boots!!!! And I am also shocked at how fast this year is gone by.

  2. My husbands birthday is also in October! And I cannot wait for Halloween! by far the best part of October

  3. Loved reading this moni and I simply adore you and positive outlook on life. My favorite part of this month is all the gorgeous fall fashion =) and I honestly didn’t even realize it was October 1 till I saw your post. The time needs to slow down, everything is going by so fast

  4. I totally needed to read this – THANK YOU! Life gets so crazy, and when I mix in trying to be the best wife, mother, business owner/maker I can be, I feel like I’m failing all. the. time. SO, thank you!

    Love you <3

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