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IMG_8632 These past three weeks have been insane in the membrane guys…hence the lack of existence on all forms of social media. I finished up my last wedding of the season in beautiful Banff Alberta and I finally had a little time to myself today and I decided to make a few promises to myself. They go a little something like this: I promise to eat breakfast. Good breakfast, the kind that actually nourishes my body…fats and all =) I promise to not care so much about what others think of me because, there will always be people who hate you, even if they have nothing to base their hate off, they will hate nonetheless but I decided thats their problem not mine! I promise to take more breaks away from social media because it feels pretty damn amazing. I promise to stop and sit and just take in all of the beauty that’s around me. This one is a really big deal because amid all of the nastiness there is still a lot of loveliness in this world. That’s all! Peace out homies. xoxo moni ps – this stunning photo was taken by my juju!

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