Wedding Planning Tips | Bridesmaid Edition |
davidjenkinsphotography Okay you gorgeous bridesmaids….I know sometimes it can be hard to dealing with the bride when she is getting closer and closer to her wedding date but you have to understand that she is probably dealing with mounds and mounds of stress….so here are a few things to keep and mind and some tips for being an amazing bridesmaid: 1. Remember that it is not about you. This is your friend’s wedding, not yours. This means that if it makes her happy, you will wear an ugly dress without complaint. You will travel to the middle of nowhere. You will carry luggage and goodie bags and flowers. Whatever the task is, you will do it to ensure that your friend has a special day, regardless of if you would make the same choice as a bride yourself. 2. Be honest and supportive at the same time. Your bride will be making dozens of decisions while planning her wedding, from color scheme to catering options to The Dress. Sometimes it’s appropriate for you to share your honest feedback, and sometimes it’s better to just support your friend in the decision she’s made. If she’s about to purchase an awful and gaudy wedding gown, perhaps step in and say you’d like to see her in something more flattering. But if she’s stressing about her catering choice? Reassure her that it was a great decision and everything will turn out wonderfully. No need to add to that stress! 3. Come prepared! You are going to spend the entire day getting ready with the bride, so make sure you’re prepared with all the necessities. Make up touch ups, concealer, water bottles, etc. You’re also going to be the person that guests come to when they need to know information so that they don’t disrupt the bride, so make sure you know the times and locations that people need to be places. 4. Stay sober. Well, maybe not 100% sober, but when the reception is in full swing and the bride and groom are inseparable, you should be fully functional and able to step in to help with different things – the catering clean-up, the questions the DJ might have, assisting the guests with getting back to their hotel. Taking on this responsibility will ease the bride’s worry and allow her to enjoy the last of the day without any incidents. 5. Play nice. You might not know all of the other bridesmaids and you might not like all of them, but get over it. There’s nothing worse than causing tension for the bride because you and her other friends can’t get along for 8 hours. Just remember, weddings can bring the crazy out of anyone so don’t let that ruin a lifetime of friendship. Just be calm and understand that 99% of the time you will have your girlfriend back to normal once the cray cray aspect of the wedding is done with! Photography: David Jenkins

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  1. Thank you for writing about this topic moni. My bridesmaids can’t seem to ever get along especially my sister and future sis in law. It’s as if my sister thinks I’m trying to replace her :(

  2. Love the part about them sucking it up for 8 hours ;) I envy those brides who have bridesmaid that are already bff’s

  3. Are you sure the bride goes back to normal? lol cause my friend has turned into a maniac and has no signs of it stopping

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