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Today is a tough one for me you guys…This day, 3 years ago I said my final goodbyes to my dad as he lost his battle with cancer. I always thought that with each passing year, it would get a little easier when May 1st rolls around…but the exact opposite seems to happen. I feel him so much more now…memories just flood back to me and I cant help but get angry with myself when I think about all the times I could have put in more of an effort to see him and make time for him…even just to pick up the phone and say “hey dad”

It’s a really long story…my relationship with my dad…and maybe one day I’ll share it but I missed out on a lot because we were both so damn stubborn. We both held onto so much hurt and neither of us were willing to let it go. I wish I could have been the bigger person and squash all of the petty shit but I didn’t. I had to lose someone I loved more than anything to just grow up. It took me losing my dad to realize that you should always be bigger the person and make peace with the things that get you in a negative space.

Lately, I have been seeing so many posts about people losing their loved ones…and the first thing that comes to my mind is my pops. This life is a constant reminder that we are only here for a short time. I get we all have shit on the go. I get we are all busy with work and juggling life…but when it comes down to it…it legit takes next to no effort to call your mom or dad, sibling, friend etc to say “hey, just wanted to see how you were + I love you” I promise you guys…you will be so happy in the long run. Hold onto one another while you still can. xoxo

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