To all the lovers | Happy Valentines Day |
Happy Valentines Day you beautiful babes! I’m not even going to try and front that I don’t get a little excited for this day because it makes my heart happy seeing people flaunt their love for one another but, don’t get it twisted…i’m not one of those girls who eagerly awaits this day in hopes of some kind of great love masquerade because I truly believe you should express your love for your babe on a daily. I’m lucky to be celebrating my 11th Valentines day with my juju and please don’t vomit when I say this but he’s always made me feel loved on Valentines and every other day. Valentines day at its core is a really beautiful thing and I love that people tend to go all out for it but at the same time I get a bit annoyed with how commercialized of a holiday it’s become. I feel like whatever relationship you’re in…you should make it a priority to make one another feel loved. Help each other out with the romance. The romance onus shouldn’t always be on one person. It should be a two way street of love you guys. Take turns making each other a delicious meal or do it together. Personally, there is nothing more romantic than being surrounded by some delicious food with your loved ones. Surprise one another and support each others outside interests. Respect and love one another always! xoxo moni

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