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You see that lady up there you guys? not that little chubby girl who sort of looks like a dude but that Persian beauty holding her hand :P that lady right there is the first love of my life! My Maman. She is my warrior queen. My symbol of strength and perseverance. She is the inspiration of all of my inspirations. She is like walking poetry and she doesn’t even have to spit no rhymes. She has been my teacher since before I ever step foot into school. She taught me the value of hard work, patience and independence. She taught me that it’s okay to fall in love but you have to love yourself first and foremost. When she cooks its as if I am sitting with my family back in Iran. Her food is her soul and her soul is a thing of beauty. This day and every other day I am blessed to be her daughter and I can only hope that I come even a tiny bit close to the amazing mother she is. Happy mothers day to the love of my life. Love you maman joon. And happy Mothers day to all of you beautiful mama’s and to you daddies who play two parts. You guys deserve all of the love too. xoxo moni

“An ounce of mother is worth a pound of clergy” – Spanish Proverb –

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  1. This just made me cry the happiest tears :) love you and your big heart and your mama so much. You are both so blessed to have one another.

  2. Your mother is an absolute stunner moni. Now I know where you get it from! Wishing her the best mothers day.

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