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photo Happiest Holidays to all of you amazing peeps! I am hoping everyone is getting a much needed break after all of the holiday season hustle and bustle of gift buying and party hoppin! I’m going to be signing off for a bit to enjoy some holiday cheer with my fam jam. With no phone distractions I plan on watching Bollywood movies till I drop, eating like there ain’t no tomorrow, starting one of many gallery walls in the crib, and just taking some time to unwind and let go of everything that’s been consuming my mind. I can’t please everyone and I can’t be everyone’s favorite so I’m just going to do the best that I can and get back to the basics. Being nice. To everyone. Even people who you might think don’t deserve it. Were all fighting our own battles and have enough shit to deal with on our own. So why don’t we take that little bit of effort to help a brotha or sista out? Open a door, buy a random homie a cup of coffee, donate some time to just talk to a local senior, volunteer without posting a photo of it. These are all such simple concepts that speak volumes. Be nice to everyone you guys! It takes so much more energy to be in a bad mood than to be happy #keepinitreal ps – my amazing print via the super awesome chelsea petaja

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  1. Merry Christmas and happy new year sweet friend. Can’t wait to see all of the gorgeousness you create in 2014!

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