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1 One of my bff’s is getting married in a couple of months so today we are taking off for the weekend to the beautiful mountains for some much needed girl time to celebrate her bachelorette party! So, I thought what better time to leave you guys some tips on planning this little shindig! 1) Talk to the bride: You may be thinking of getting her wasted at the bar but she may want something a little more low key and quiet. Get together with your bride and find out what she has in mind. 2) Timing: Don’t schedule the party too far in front of the big day, but don’t wait until the last minute, either. 3) Be considerate ya’ll: While it’s customary that a host pays for a bridal shower, the attendees pay for the bachelorette party themselves and the bride doesn’t pay for anything. If you’re organizing, the shindig, make sure attendees know this, and be sensitive to what they can afford in order to avoid embarrassment and hurt feelings. Don’t force anyone to be there, the wedding party is already expending a lot of time and cost to help the bride celebrate, and costs can really add up. Just be a little sensitive when it comes time to this yo. 4) Have some fun: After all the invites have been set and the budget has been planned, it all comes down to one thing…FUN! This is supposed to be a fun time for the bride and her closest gal pals. Don’t make it about unresolved drama and don’t bring up shit that will upset the bride or the guests. Photography: Austin Warnock Floral Design: Ingela Floral Design

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  1. You are so right about talking to the bride about what she wants moni. My bridal party took my party as an excuse for them to just get hammered when all I really wanted was a quiet and relaxing spa date, followed by a delicious dinner. I did not want penis straws, penis cakes, anything with penises period.

  2. Love those flowers! And absolutely this should be what the bride wants not some drunken event unless that’s what she wants.

  3. haha wish you could tell my bridal party this. They are hell bent on VEGAS and I DON’T want to go there :(

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