Je m’appelle mona

Jan 2014 Shoot-126Hello! So nice to meet you! My name is Mona but you can also call me by my G name “Moni”. I am the gal behind Birds & Honey Events. I’m a fan of real love, beautiful big bloomed peonies and some good beats! I adore couples who still get all googley-eyed for one another even if they’ve been together for like ever! And it makes me oh so happy when I can plan the wedding of their dreams. I love the colour sea foam blue…scratch that…I am obsessed with the colour sea foam blue. I have this super, amazing, stud muffin of a husband whom I lovingly call juju. He is the reason this girl can stay sane! I’m a proud Canadian and Persian. I was born in Iran but reside in Edmonton, Alberta Canada…Go Oilers Go! I have a strange love for reindeers and giraffes. I love the smell of books. Real books people, not the ones you read on a tablet. My goals in life are simple yo. I want to travel this beautiful world, make some cute little babies one day and just be happy! Now, if this bio doesn’t satisfy your curiosity here are some random facts about me:

1. My real name is Mana.
2. My mom is my bff.
3. I am obsessed with bollywood movies.
4. I could live off goat cheese.
5. I am severely scared of heights
6. I met Bono when I was a kid.
7. Favorite movie is the shawshank redemption.
8. I used to have a bunny that stalked me.
9. I have many scars and they are awesome.
10. I speak farsi, urdu and english.
11. I like to listen to the news on the radio.
12. I have a stash of pretty ribbon everywhere I go.
13. Tom Hardy can do no wrong in my eyes.
14. I leave awesome post-its on peoples car’s when they park like jerks (:
15. I like to eat lemons as an afternoon snack.
16. If I could go on a lunch date with anyone it would be Banksy. He sort of rocks my boat in all right ways

Photography: courtesy of my amazingly talented pal Tegan Martin-Drysdale. She’s the bomb dot com