Hello. I’m Mona Abosaid. Mana is my legit name but everyone with the exception of my grandmother just calls me Moni or Mona…I don’t really know how it happened but oh well. Canada is my home but I’ve got a major case of wanderlust and fall in love with a different city every day. I live in Edmonton with my sweet husband Bassim and he like myself, doesn’t go by his actual name. We’re both pretty cool like that. I’m an event planner, designer and stylist. I am in the business of creating aesthetics that convey beauty and grace. I gravitate towards soft and peaceful colours, especially sea foam blue. I think simplicity will stand the test of time and I’d rather spend my money on beautiful blooms than materialistic things. I know it can be a dark and often times cruel world but I genuinely believe love and kindness trump all of the other petty bs. xo moni.