Birds & Honey

Birds & Honey is an event planning & design boutique located in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. We will help you design, plan and execute your vision from start to finish and assist with every aspect of  planning, bringing in new ideas and trends to help create your vision with your personal taste and budget….this means you and your hunny can sit back & relax and just enjoy life…cause that’s what matters yo :p

bird [burd]

1) birds symbolize cheerfulness, happiness, prosperity, good health, new births & the renewal of springtime.

2) birds symbolize freedon & the flight of the imagination

honey [huhn-ee]

1) honey represents all things that are sweet and pleasing to the palate, to the mind and to the heart.

2) honey symbolizes the “higher self”, the ultimate consequence of one’s inner self.

3) as the result of transmutation of ephemeral pollen into a delicious food of immortality, honey symbolizes the transformation by initiation, the conversation   of the soul & the complete integration of the person