Birds & Honey Tips | Instagram Edition |
Happy Wednesday, beauties!!! I’ve been meaning to write this one up for a while but it kind of just got put on the back burner and then some sweet peeps messaged asking about it so here we go ;) in no particular order, here are some of my tips for having an awesome instagram account!

1) consistency is key! as much as I would love to post everything that I eat and all the dog photos and videos in the world I try and keep my @birdsandhoney account connected to most things wedding and design related. every now and then, I’ll go ahead and post something on the more personal side but it still always has a nice flow and fit with everything else.

2) edit those gorgeous little squares….whether you use the editing features specifically on instagram or you prefer vsco or a color story…try and brighten or darken (whatever fits your vibe) your shots to enhance them to their full potential. I’m a big fan of a color story =) they have every possible filter you could dream of!

3) get personal! don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and share with your followers. I know I’m not the best example of this but one thing I want to do more in the future is to connect wit my peeps. there is a lot I want to share but I always get worried that my thoughts will hurt or offend someone..and then I realized, every time I’ve ever shared a piece of my heart I get nothing but love back from you guys and the insecurities and paranoid thoughts are more in my head than anything else. so if you want to share then go on and share girl!!!!!

4) personal accounts are a great thing!!! I used to be really against having a business and personal account…I would just be like “keep it all in the same place” but there is a lot of personal things and by personal things I mean my dog/family that I love putting on my personal insta account…this is where I just post whatever my heart desires lol there is no wedding related stuff here…its mainly dogs…the hubs…my mom doing her persian dance moves and other random things I love. if you are on the fence about it…take my advice…it is the bomb diggy and its soo easy too when you can just switch up your accounts with the tap of a button. no more signing in and out yo! its something I feel will make instagram fun for you again!

5) last but not least…connect and have fun! I have met some of the most amazing humans ever both in real life and via instagram life and these guys have been angels through so many good and bad times. don’t be afraid to comment and communicate or ask help from one another. its what makes this online community so beautiful! xoxo moni

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