Tips & Goals | July Edition |
Whoop di doop for July you guys! Seriously, I can’t believe it’s already July! This year is just zooming by man. I know I say this for every month. But, July is legit already zooming past my eyes and It’s only the first of the month. I am excited and so so thankful that I am busy doing what I love but June taught me that I need to hit the brakes a bit. With a bunch of travelling back and fourth in the states and Canada my body and mind started to freak out. I had a little bit of a break to just sit back and reflect and see whats been working for me and what hasn’t and I was happy with what I came up with and I hope it can help you too if you’re feeling a little worn out in the middle of wedding season. In no particular order here are my goals & tips for the awesome month of July:

1. Tip – Learn to say NO. Seriously, it’s okay. People will understand. The world will survive if you have a day to yourself babe.

2. Goal – Get back into any kind of physical activity. You don’t want to go to the gym? Cool, go for a walk. Just get that sexy body out there and give your a body a little extra love. My goal for this month and moving forward for this year is to get my butt back into yoga. I am going to stop making excuses why I can’t go and JUST DO IT.

3. Tip – Pre plan your meals. Food you guys. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks skipping a meal isn’t a big deal so I can tackle some wedding business but your bodies will pay for this ): You get weak, cranky, angry and all of these shitty feelings make our already stressful jobs even more cray cray so fill that pretty water bottle and get yourself some fibre/protein/good sugary sweetness!

4. Tip – Dress up more. I know when you run your own business it can get really comfy to just work in your husbands sweat pants and hoodies but drab like clothing makes for drab like energy. Ditch those sweats and give yourself an extra hour to doll yourself up. A little bit of makeup and some clean hair can make your outlook that much brighter. Plus – I feel guilty for always looking like a hot mess when my husband comes home.

There are a million things that I would love to tackle but I am going to take baby steps and start with these for now. I would love to hear what you babes are up too and what your goals are! xoxo moni

ps – Happy Birthday Canada! So effing proud to live in this beautiful country! xoxo moni

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  1. Love this Mona. Like you I want to get back into the swing of things and just be healthier again.

  2. Pre planned meals are the only way to go girl! Love all of this. Juicing is also an amazing tool especially if you want to get your body on the right track.

  3. 1) love you 2) love your advice and the way you word things 3) obsessed with your planner!!! Where is it from?

  4. Looking forward to a summer with less social media and more real world time haha and also healthier lifestyle

  5. Trying so hard not to drown in this crazy wedding season. And you’re so right…being in my sweats and pajamas doesn’t boost the self esteem. Looks like a trip to the mall is due soon ;) thanks for great advice moni

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