As the owner, creative director and lead planner of Birds & Honey, I get to help some amazing people plan the wedding of their dreams. I stay true to both myself and my clients by creating aesthetics that convey beauty and grace. I gravitate towards soft and peaceful colors and I truly believe that no matter what trends come and go, simplicity will stand the test of time.


My Persian heritage has a lot to do with why I chose the name “Birds & Honey” for my business. Growing up, I have always been in love and in awe of birds. The way they move, the way they just show up in your life. My grandpa used to tell me that birds are little flying angels watching over you and filling your life with positive vibes. When I see one flying, I can’t help but smile. I don’t know if it’s because of what my grandpa said but their presence always makes me happier. The honey part has to do with Persian weddings specifically. At Persian weddings, when a couple is pronounced “husband and wife”, instead of going in for that first kiss, they dip their pinkies in a little cup of honey and feed it to one another. It’s all kinds of cheesy but I think it’s the sweetest!

Photo courtesy of Justine Milton