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Flower crowns are absolutely beautiful and the perfect option for brides who don’t want to wear a veil but sometimes they can get a little cray cray and put quite the dent on your budget so I enlisted the help of my go-to gal/designing genius extraordinaire/bff from London town…the stunning Mrs. Jade Rose Topper! Jade is the queen of glam and gorgeous DIY’s so she is going to show you doll’s how to make your very own flower crowns. Without further ado, here is Jade with all the deets!

Step 1: Collect materials, both old and new. I have had collected all of these different feathers through the years from Etsy and eBay. You can find so many suppliers, just search for ‘millinery supplies’.

Step 2: Choose your color palette and start laying out your supplies piece by piece so you can begin to conceptualize in your head what you want your halo to look like.

Step 3: Create a halo buy measuring the floral wire to your head, cut the wire two inches longer than what your head measures at. These extra two inches allow you to create loops for closing the wire and give some extra room for comfort.

Step 4: Cover your wire with a fabric of choice if you what to hide it from beneath the feathers and flowers, if you want a more rustic look you can skip this part. I used a scarp piece of vintage tulle to wrap around the wire.

Step 5: Begin to add the base texture to your halo, this will be any material you want to have behind your flowers to help fill in space and add some volume. I chose ostrich feathers an peacock feathers. I secured the feathers by wrapping cotton sewing thread around their base, securely looping them around the wire. If you want to add glue to the wires before placing the feathers that will create extra security, but can easily become messy!!

Step 6: Now it’s time to add your flowers! Most millinery flowers come attached to wire, so I wrapped the wire of the flower around the floral wire halo base. The feather flowers I made, so they did not have wire, I glued them to the halo and then hand stitched them onto the tulle I first placed over the wire in

Step 7. Continue this step with all of the flowers you want to add to your halo.

DIY creative: Jade Rose E. Topper of Jade Rose Blog
Photographer: Anthem Photography
MUAH: Kendra Stanton of Citizens of Beauty
Nails: Tara at Skin Tight Spa

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  1. Jacqueline says:

    Jade is stunning!!!

  2. Rachel says:

    This is beautiful. I might have to make one for my daughter

  3. Stephanie Elizabeth says:

    Such a brilliant idea

  4. Barbera Geron says:

    Love this color palette

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